about me

about me

My name is Ana, and one of my greatest passions has always been traveling. Since I was young, I dreamt of visiting Egypt, a country filled with the mystery and allure of the pharaohs. Over time, I fulfilled this dream and explored the land of pyramids, hieroglyphs, pharaonic monuments, mosques, and Islamic culture. This unforgettable first journey remains fondly etched in my memory, even after many years. Fortunately, that was just the beginning of many more travels, some from the era of film cameras, and many more yet to come, which I will share on this blog.

Besides my love for traveling, I immensely enjoy planning each trip. I've always traveled independently, organizing some details beforehand and others on the fly. Hence, I decided to create this blog to assist those who prefer to travel solo, providing practical information about routes, visas, local transport, and places of interest.

Another great passion of mine while traveling is enjoying the local cuisine. In this blog, I will also share recommendations of restaurants I've enjoyed, all offering vegetarian options, though they're not exclusively vegetarian eateries.

Additionally, I often travel for work and have learned to blend business with the pleasure of travel. Therefore, you'll also find useful tips for those traveling on business.

Travel is an adventure that's just beginning...